Edwin Goh

Math Coach in Singapore

I am a Math Coach who has coached many Primary School Children to ace their exams including PSLE the last 3 years.

I make Maths fun and interesting by engaging the kids with lots of stories, illustrations, Maths Tricks, and Real Life Applications of Mathematical Principles.

I teach various Heuristics skills such as Model Drawing, Units Transfer Method, Branching, Working Backwards, Assumption.

I use technology to my advantage by illustrating Maths Concepts via Visual Manipulative Apps on my tablet/ computer.

In 2019, I saw remarkable improvement in the result of my Pri 5/6 students. From Fail to Pass ( 45 to 65), from B to A, and even from A to A* with my guidance.

With the right attitude, I can help your child to achieve his dreams.

I aspire to turn Math Haters into Math Lovers using my approach!

" Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22: 6

Thanks for your patience and Hard Work! My son scored an A for his Maths! This is his first A for Maths ever since Pri 4.
Leng Leng
Hi Edwin, Sid got an A* for Maths! Thanks to you again!
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